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Room service thermal delivery

Written by Table And Beyond | Dec 18, 2020 | [Sassy_Social_Share left="500" id="1"]

With COVID-19 forever changing the world, how we serve food to our guests in a safe manner will be a priority moving forward. Serving utensils are a common item that many people touch during service whether guests are being served or serving themselves.Over the last three years, Mepra has developed an anti-bactericidal coating for serving utensils and equipment. Mepra pioneered the PVD coating (titanium embedding process) to utensils and cutlery which carries a lifetime guarantee. Now thanks to Mepra’s patented system, the coating destroys bacteria cells by blocking their nutrition chain and the ability for the cells to divide and multiply. THIS SURFACE NOT ONLY INHIBITS BACTERIA GROWTH BUT DESTROYS IT. THE COATING LASTS FOR THE LIFE OF THE UTENSILS AND EVEN IMPROVES WITH TIME. Locations such as: Hotels, Restaurants, Airline Lounges, Hospitals etc would all benefit from using Mepra’s Antibacterial Treatment coating cutlery. Both to reduce bacteria spread as well as boost consumer confidence.

What is antibacterial nanotechnology treatment?

MEPRA decided three years ago to reach a goal: to obtain an antibacterial treatment thanks to the PVD technology. The result is Antibacterial Nanotechnology Treatment. It is the first and unique anti-bacterial treatment that adds to the extraordinary properties of our PVD technology, an incredible capacity not only to block the bacteria proliferation on surfaces but also to kill the bacteria on the surface of the flatware. The antibacterial ions form clusters (nano-inclusions) inside the complex architecture of the multilayer coating. These clusters release the antibacterial ions on the surface of the piece destroying the bacterial cell membrane by blocking its nutrition and interrupting the cell division cycle Thanks to the innovative production processes is able not only to completely inhibit the growth of bacteria but also to eliminate them, guaranteeing a durable and perfectly hygienic surface.

“Competitors” of antibacterial nanotechnology treatment

1)lsbacteriostatic materials Bacteriostatic materials do not kill bacteria, they just stop the prolification. PVD Nanotechnology Treatment kills bacteria 2) varnish Bacteriostatic materials do not kill bacteria, they just stop the prolification. PVD Nanotechnology Treatment kills bacteria No varnish can guarantee a real antibacterial effect. Because of: Absence of antibacterial action, unless elevated thickness is applied No guarantee of durability in time if varnish scratches or peals, the surface under it is not bactericidal PVD Nanotechnology Treatment durability is guaranteed: since it is a nanotechnology, the bactericidal properties remain also if scratched. Please contact us at 04-354 0266 or email us at for more information on the new Antibacterial treatment.