Palmer Stoneware – New inspiration for this festive season

We bring happiness to the table with the Palmer range, a beautiful new collection of stoneware in different colors and styles.

Magmatic –

An explosion of style and colour- Fashioned from Portuguese stoneware, this striking collection invites the eye.

The warm brown glaze is marbled with a golden wash, making each plate unique.

Bama Blu –

Dreamy, dark and delicious- Shiny to perfection and richly decorated, soft blue that deepens until midnight. This striking stoneware is enchanting.

Miami –

Dive into vibrant sophistication– The refreshing aquatic colour on this stoneware collection is as inviting as the ocean on a summer’s day.

Sandy Loam –

Inviting, tidal perfectionGentle hues of sandy blue remind us of the beach at dawn. Just like soft morning light bounces off the sand in never repeating ways.

Made from the robust stoneware and shaped by Portuguese artisans.

Ruston –

A deliciously dark seduction- This dramatic dark chocolate glaze on stoneware features an enticingly touchable textured finish that makes every dish completely unique. 

This deep brown collection is the epitome of sophistication.

Kiryu Safeer –

Indulge in perfect light weight porcelain- We couldn’t resist Kiryu’s deep blue glaze and soft forms. Perfectly finished porcelain, the product of centuries of Japanese craftsmanship, is as delicate as it is strong. 

Kiryu makes a truly lasting impression.

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